Dam It: How to Reduce Water Travel With Our HDPE Trench Dams

Let's face it - there are few things that make water utility crews want to cuss as much as water showing up where it shouldn't be. Though this is commonly caused by broken pipes, water travel can also cause some serious issues that your water utility needs to contend with. Whether it's water getting in where it shouldn't be or leaving where it should be, we're dedicated to helping you find the right solutions for every project and problem you encounter. Here's a quick overview of our new High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) trench dams and how they can help you get the job done.

Team PPF Trench Dam

A recent addition to our line of prefabricated water utility products is our HDPE trench dams. These dams provide an excellent solution to stop the travel of underground water for a wide range of situations:

  • Reduces water infiltration:

    Ever finish with a trench for a new pipeline for the day to come back and discover it's full of water? How annoying is that? Now you've got to pump it out and work in the mud all day, slowing you down and making things slippery. No more.

  • Keeps wetlands wet:

    The strong shift in our society towards sustainability and environmental conservation means that simply allowing a wetland to drain is not an option in many situations, Not only do our dams keep water out, they keep water in.

  • Stops fines from bed and backfill material:

    How frustrating is it to dig a trench, then have to re-dig it once the backhoe has rumbled away, settling fines down into the trench and downslope? Our dams stop those fines in their tracks.

  • Prevents structural collapse:

    Job-site safety in trenches is crucial! and nothing will take the heart and soul out of your crew faster than a worksite accident that causes a serious injury or a death. Structural collapse can cause serious issues, but our dams can prevent it.

  • Contains contaminated groundwater:

    Water quality is of vital importance to your utility, and preventing the spread of contaminated groundwater is vital to maintaining that quality. Our trench dams help contain that water to prevent contamination of other water sources.


    Not only is it a solid, hardy material resistant to corrosion, it's also very light in weight, reducing pressure against pipes and making it easy to install quickly.

Trench Dam Graphic

We fabricate several standard HDPE trench dams that work well in a wide range of situations. One that seals to the pipe with a standard Flexible Coupling and another that has a split design that slides over ADS pipe (into
the corrugations) and can be sealed with mastic or a number of other products. Custom sizes and designs are also available upon request.

  • For use with standard Flexible Couplings (00-180807 STD 1PC TD)

    • 48” x 36” (4” through 12”)

    • 60” x 60” (15” through 24”)

  • For slipping over ADS Pipe (00-180807 STD ADS TD)

    • 48” x 36” (4” through 12”)

    • 60” x 60” (15” through 24”)

With this range of features and sizes, we can help you keep the water where it belongs and your crews working safely and effectively in a wide range of situations. But what if you're not quite sure that these trench dams are the right option for your project? At Team PPF, we're here to help you take care of all your water utility issues and are happy to help provide information or answer any questions you may have about our new trench dams. Please feel free to contact us today to get started discovering your best solution to all your water utility woes.

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